Illustrator Lindalovisa Fernqvist is based in Stockholm, Sweden.
In Lindalovisa´s illustrations there is room for both fashion and the mystery world of fairytales.
She´s inspired by nature, music and in analyzing people and their behavior. Also from the idea of the “old world” with Art Nouveau, Jugend and from vintage fashion photos.
She really values the craft and Lindalovisa´s illustrations is always hand-drawn, highly detailed, realistic and thorough. She works with ink and pencil.
Her figures has a strong integrity and a certain timelessness about them, it´s been said that the images reminiscent of lithographs or old engravings.

She´s been working as a freelance illustrator for the last couple of years, creating illustrations for editorial publishing and advertising. Clients includes Dagens Nyheter, På stan, Plaza Magazine, Kupé, Shape Magazine, Compeed, Sofo magazine, Coca cola, MER and BonAqua, Metro Weekend, Moomin characters, GB glace, Swedish Fashion Council, PFOinc, PP pension, Folksam, RUM magazine, Plaza kvinna, Mama, Made by Noemi, tidningen STAD, Galatea Spirit and Svensk bokhandel amongst others.
Her education is a mix of fashion design, art school, art history and performance studies. She also attended Berghs SoC Advertising program (Art Director) for  a while.


You are very welcome to contact me or my agent at VOL for freelance commissions or if you have any other questions.