“Dreams of Salikon”

Dreams of Salikon was shown at Meeting Room/ PS Communication, Stockholm 2011 04 16 – 2011 05 16. Starting with a big event/party with music, fashion show and exhibition.
The images are a mix of fashion and the world of fairytales. Based on the feeling that everything is possible and the deep need for a world of your own. Lindalovisa was inspired by “Allra käraste syster”.

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“Titta på folk och hundar. Om spioner, nöjesetablissemang och svunna tider.”

Spies and dogs was exhibited at Babylon, Stockholm 2011 02 12 – 2011 04 01.
The project was a story about spies, entertainment establishments and past times. Inspired by the imaginary life of female spies that appeared during World War II.

Tuschteckning tryckt på kapa, 70 x 100.
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“Mamma klottrade alltid när hon pratade i telefon”. Plezuro, Rörstrandsgatan Stockholm. 20100929-20101027.

“FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE”, Vassa Eggen 2008.